In the fall of 2012, the three artists Elisabeth Sikora, Caspar Richter and Markus Olzinger decided to found their own musical theatre festival in order to produce artisitcally interesting and in our area rarely shown musical theatre pieces. Markus Olzinger, who had a fond memory of the Stadttheater Gmunden from his childhood theatre experiences, worked persistently to implement this long-cherished project and took over its general management. As the Musical Frühling in Gmunden continues to grow, Elisabeth Sikora and Markus Olzinger now share the management position.
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With the support of the Traunsee Tourism, the city of Gmunden and the province of Upper Austria, as well as numerous idealists and volunteers, the first premiere was celebrated in 2015 with BLOOD BROTHERS and was celebrated by the public and the press to the same extent. The Musical Frühling also received prominent support from Marika Lichter, who accompanied the first two productions as patron.


After the success of BLOOD BROTHERS in 2015, the festival showed THE SECRET GARDEN the year after and SOFIES WORLD in 2017, proving once and for all that the Musical Frühling in Gmunden has become a permanent institution for high quality musical theatre in Gmunden. The festival entered its 4th successful season with the German premiere of JANE EYRE, and celebrated its 5th anniversary with DOCTOR ZHIVAGO in 2019. VINCENT VAN GOGH, the next Austrian premiere, is scheduled for 2020.
Entertaining, honest and moving
Neues Volksblatt
As a spectator one gets the impression of sitting in an international large-scale musical production
Blickpunkt Musical
It was world-class, outstanding musical theatre is played here
Prof. Peter Weck
Kronenzeitung 20.03.2016


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